About Us

About US

At Dutut, we are not your traditional Cycling Gear Store. We specialize in unique, themed and our own brand of cycling gear.

As cyclists with dependents and first-world expenses, we hated paying $150 for a jersey, so you will never pay that here.

Instead, we focus on what we know best. Providing original gear to you at prices most cyclists can afford shipped to you direct from the manufacturer.

Selling Worldwide
We've been in cycling clothing industry for almost 5 years in one form or another. Now, we get to combine our passion for cycling with our deep knowledge of leveraging the internet to create amazing deals.

It is a true passion business.

This year alone we have sold gear to over 36 countries across Europe, North, South and Central America.

We have partnered with our suppliers to bring you the most unique, retro and themed designs and some you might never have thought of.

As time goes on we are adding more of our own designs to our collection based on actual customer feedback.

Since we opened Dutut, we have built relationships with the highest quality manufacturers in Asia to produce our cycling gear and ship it anywhere in the world at competitive expense.

The greatest thing about the expanding world of eCommerce and online business? With our reduced online-only costs, we can pass the savings to you.

We have sold hundreds of great designs in store, and now we are branching out into our own line of Dutut designs, it won't be long before these go on pre-sale.

Happy shopping and most importantly, safe riding.