Most of What You Want to Know about Yoga

Why do more and more people like yoga?


In the context of the epidemic, we should strengthen our own exercise. The benefits of yoga are numerous. Long-term practice of yoga postures, pranayama and relaxation can prevent diseases, especially chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dietary imbalance, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins and asthma. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga for a long time are better at controlling their body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure levels than the general population. In recent years, medical science has proved that yoga can effectively regulate the nervous system and endocrine system, and then improve the overall health of individuals.


Can yoga really lose weight?


The ultimate goal of yoga practice is the balance of body (body), mind (mind, emotion, etc.) and spirit (instinct of perceives things), so the practitioner not only obtains physical health, but also obtains mental health and instinct development. As far as fitness is concerned, the role of yoga also includes endocrine regulation, treatment and auxiliary treatment of diseases, relief of fatigue and stress, and so on. Therefore, the view that yoga is only a kind of weight loss exercise is incomplete, and weight loss is only one of the purposes of yoga practice.


What should I do before practice yoga?


When: Generally speaking, people practice yoga in the morning, at noon, at dusk or before going to bed. Actually, want to assure hollow condition only, any time in a day can practice, after meal (3 hours inside) unfavorable practice yoga.


Where: Yoga is best done in a clean, comfortable room with plenty of room to stretch and away from any furniture. The air in the room is fresh, fresh, and free to breathe oxygen. Had better place greenery or flower, also can play soft music to help flabby nerve.


Clothing: It's best to wear professional yoga clothing. Yoga clothes like Dutut are comfortable and soft. The body must be breathable and free from restraint during practice. Best not shoes and socks, cold when the foot must pay attention to keep warm, watches, glasses, belts and other accessories should be removed.


Props: Use a professional yoga mat for yoga. When the ground is too hard or uneven, a yoga mat will act as a cushion to help maintain balance. If you don't have a professional yoga mat, a carpet or a folded blanket will do, but be careful not to slip under your feet.


Bath: do not practice yoga within 20 minutes before bath, because yoga practice can make the body feeling become extremely acute, if give at this time hot and cold stimulation, but can harm the body, consume the energy stored in the body. 20 minutes after the bath is not suitable to practice yoga, because the blood circulation after the bath is accelerated, muscles become soft, if immediately practice yoga, not only easy to make the body injured, and will lead to high blood pressure, aggravating the burden of the heart. Patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism and other diseases should pay particular attention to this.


Diet: after meal 3 hours inside unfavorable practice yoga, nevertheless everybody can be in before practice 1 hour or so, eat a few liquid quality foods, wait like milk, yoghurt, honey, fruit juice. It's best to eat an hour after your yoga practice. Avoid fatty, spicy or acidic foods. After practicing yoga, the appetite decreases, the exhaust, the defecation increases belong to the normal phenomenon.


Practice: When doing all kinds of yoga, be sure to stretch gently at the edge of the limit, don't push and pull. If there is any weakness or trembling in the process of practice, please return to the original position immediately. Don't insist too much. Practice gradually.

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