Black Friday, the most exciting day of the year for teenage girls, is here. As long as the black five cannon fire, even if the lack of arms and legs, we also relentlessly rushed to the battlefield.

This time, you're not alone! We have prepared a series of lists! Due to the short time of establishment, the production lines of the niche brands are not as mature and powerful as a high-quality brand, and most of them pursue good materials and workmanship, so the volume of traffic is not large, the price is on the high side, and usually there is not much discount. Black Friday is the most serious discount of the year for most niche brands.

So today, I'd like to pick out some items worth buying for DUTUT in this campaign. Because of the length, I will write each type of clothes, and try to describe each kind of single product in detail.


Regular price$46.99Sale price$31.99
Long style is also worth buying, in the winter utilization rate is higher, the warmth is stronger.

Regular price$54.99Sale price$39.24
This coat is extremely warm and stylish. I'm going to get one.

Regular price$31.99Sale price$21.99
Fluffy coats have always been a favorite of mine.


Regular price$28.99Sale price$18.99
You will never feel have too many fashion items in a T-shirt.

Regular price$33.99Sale price$23.99
Instantly fall in love with this rainbow dress. Healthy and beautiful.

Regular price$30.24Sale price$19.24
This one is definitely on my mind. This style of sweatshirts has come back this year.

Regular price$32.88Sale price$22.88
Aside from some solid colors, this is the kind of sweater with youthful energy that I'd like to buy this year

Regular price$21.91Sale price$15.91
High-waist and Breathable. A very comfortable and stylish pair of pants.

Regular price$28.99Sale price$18.99
Leggings are definitely my most worn pair of pants this fall and winter. It is absolutely necessary to buy a pair of slim and good quality leggings.

Regular price$31.30Sale price$21.30
This is a pair of sweatpants. You can wear it all year round.



The purpose is to hope to be able to save time and effort for everyone in this big promotion, grasp the key, buy a good look, simple sense and good single product. Hope you can all choose suitable products!

For more choice, visit www.dutut.com

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